Website Care

Welcome to the heart of website care – where your digital home finds the attention it deserves. In our fast-paced online world, your website is your 24/7 representative, and like any good friend, it needs a little TLC to shine.

Why You Need a Care Package for Your Website


It's the Security Blanket for Your Digital Abode

Just like you wouldn’t leave your home unprotected, your website needs shielding too. Our care packages provide regular security updates to keep digital threats at bay. It’s your website’s guardian angel.


Keep the Lights On, Always

Imagine if your home’s lights flickered when you needed them the most. Don’t let your website leave visitors in the dark. Our care packages ensure that your website is up and running 24/7, so your online visitors are never left in the lurch.


Say Goodbye to the Gremlins

Bugs, glitches, and errors – they’re the gremlins of the digital world. Our care packages include routine checks and fixes to ensure your website runs smoothly, keeping those pesky gremlins at bay.


You're Not Alone on This Journey

With our care packages, you’re not alone in the digital wilderness. We provide support, guidance, and expertise whenever you need it. You’ve got a partner to navigate the digital landscape.


Stay Fresh and Updated

A website isn’t a one-time creation; it’s an evolving entity. Our care packages help keep your content fresh, your design up-to-date, and your technology in line with the latest trends. A modern, engaging website is just a care package away.

Website Maintenance Packages

Your website is more than a collection of code – it's your digital identity, your storefront, your brand ambassador. Our care maintenance packages ensure that it's always at its best, making a fantastic impression on your visitors.

  • No contracts
  • Month to month
  • Cancel anytime
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Security monitoring
  • Website & database backups
  • Plugin/theme updates
  • Malware scans
  • Visual inspection
  • Content changes, additions or design changes
  • Basic SEO optimisation
  • Monitor traffic & search engine rankings
  • Clean database
  • Test landing page
  • Search for broken links
  • Check for search console errors/issues.
  • Review WordPress setup
  • Review content for updates
  • Renew hosting, domain & licenses

Care Basic

Per Month

For any size website. Only the weekly tasks.

Care 1

Per Month

For small websites, not more than 5 pages.
All tasks.

Care 2

Per Month

For medium websites, not more than 20 pages. All tasks.

Care 3

Per Month

For large websites, not more than 50 pages.
All tasks.

For larger websites, contact us to discuss. We have capacity to maintain any size website.
We are providing services to large corporates with websites of 1000's of pages.

DIY Troubleshooting

My software/plugins won’t update.

Your license might not be connected, or could have expired. Check with your Software Updates, Billing, and/or Technical Support contact to investigate the issue.

An element on my website isn’t working like it used to.

Your license might not be connected, or could have expired. Check with your Software Updates, Billing, and/or Technical Support contact to investigate the issue.

My email is not sending and/or receiving.

Depending on your email provider, you might need to check with your host or individual provider (like Google Workspace) to troubleshoot the issue. Refer to your Technical Support contact.

My email is going to SPAM.

If your website is not through a premium email provider (like Google’s Workspace) it is likely you are on a shared email server through your host. There is no real “fix” for this issue other than changing your email provider.

I’m getting emails (or calls) telling me there’s a problem with my website.

When you register a new website it is public record. Companies from all over the globe will send you mass emails in hopes you will hire them to “fix” a problem that probably does not exist. Speak with your Technical Support contact or contact me directly to verify if there is an issue.

My website is not loading.

Your server is likely down. This could be due to an outage, lack of resources, or possibly a delinquent payment. Contact your hosting provider for more information. Try running your website through this site to see if it’s an isolated issue for just you, or more if it’s down for everyone.

My website is loading very slowly.

Typically this is due to a lack of resources with your host. Check with your hosting provider to find a solution. You can test the loading speed at GTMetrix. If this is only on a page you recently created you may not have it completely optimized. Check with your Technical Support contact.

My website has a security warning.

Most often this is due to an issue with your SSL certificate which can display a “unsecure website” warning. Talk to your Security contact, SSL provider, or host about possible solutions.

My website is redirecting to a different website.

You’ve been hacked! No fear, your Backup contact should be able to deploy a copy of your website from before the attack. Make sure to coordinate with your Security contact to ensure the problem is solved and won’t happen again.

I made a mistake! Can I “undo” my changes?

Yes! If your Backup contact is making regular backups of your site, you can easily roll back to a previous version before you made the mistake.

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